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Monday, August 23, 2010

Weekend Tidbits: Volume 6

Our weekend started out with me having to leave work a little early to meet up with Craig because Peanut Butter had scratched his eye and it was swollen shut. He is allergic to EVERYTHING environmental... Dust mites, Pines, grass and weeds. We now live in a house that the family room is carpeted and has three very large pine trees in the front yard and in Georgia using pine straw as mulch is pretty much a given. So everything is stacked against him at this time. So we were told we would need to start him on a regimen of Atopica for all his allergies. It's not cheap and we tried to do what we could to help him but cleaning/vacuuming more but it wasn't enough. SOOOOO he went to the vet and he had scratched his cornea so he's got a treatment for that AND he's begun the Atopica which has made him sick several times and if it doesn't get better we may have to try the injection.

He looks like he's smiling but he definitely wasn't. :(

Then came Saturday... we were needing to get rid of Craig car (Infiniti G35), work had given him a car to drive and since we've had Ben we rarely drive it. We have been contemplating just taking it to Carmax to sell, we got a quote and they were pretty much going to pay it off and we would be done. But some things may be happening at Craig's job (good things) and the Boost Mobile (pronounce mobile like a car not the phone, that's what we've nicknamed it) may not always be around so that made us nervous about getting rid of the second car all together. So since my car is paid off we decided to look at a new car for me and see what kind of deal we could get. We looked at used Honda Pilot and Toyota Highlander. Loved the Pilot, wasn't so much in love with the Highlander. So on the way back to the house we stopped by a Mazda dealer to check out the CX-9. They had a very nicely equipped 2008 with very low miles, Certified preowned, and a price within our budget. We asked for the Carfax report, it was clean (one Pilot we had looked at had been in a rollover crash with airbags deployed and everything). We were impressed. They let us drive it home and we did a little more research on it and decided it was going to be our new car if they could make it work. While we were working on the paperwork, at least 5 other people came to look at this car. It was popular! So WE DID IT... we bought a new (to us) car!

It's my first new car in 6.5 years, I am quite excited though I will really miss driving the CR-V everyday, but lucky for me it will still be around.

Sunday we went to church and Ben did ok this time (for most of it).

Now after church is another story, he is still teething something fierce and was fussy for much of the afternoon.

I had to take this picture, to record the pure discontent of these teeth coming in. Sophie (the giraffe) does seem to be a comfort to him, he will gnaw on her but once he's hit the full on I'm too upset to care what you give me there's not much we can do.

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  1. Oh my goodness -- poor Peanut Butter! And poor teething Ben! I hope both get better soon!! And congrats on the new wheels -- super cute!