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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Save the Huntley Hills Beaver!!

I love our neighborhood and a couple of weeks ago I signed up for our yahoo email group so we could be in touch with everything going on. In the last few weeks there have been announcements from the newly formed neighborhood watch leader, recommendations for landscapers and contractors, and sharing of events. But yesterday's email chain took the cake.

We have a creek that runs through our neighborhood and last year about this same time a beaver chewed down A LOT of trees. Someone was hired to relocate it but was never successful. Then all of the sudden activity stopped, it started up again a month or two ago and apparently the beaver has finally met his match. He chewed down the wrong tree! I have copied and pasted the emails in the order they were received ... it makes for a funny read. Craig and I are thinking of buying URL but have no expertise in web design. All we really want it to have is a picture of a beaver and our neighborhood sign.

So I created a blog for the Beaver:

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