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Friday, February 26, 2010

Getting a little overwhelmed...

So baby's due date is about 45 days away but with the way things are looking right now there's a good chance he will be here sooner than that! Good thing we found his pediatrician this week!! My fluid levels are still on the low-normal side they did go up a point from last week but since I was drinking almost a gallon of water a day I will be monitored very closely, if it had been low because of dehydration it probably would've gone up more than that. So it's looking like weekly ultrasounds and non stress tests. Everytime I go to one of those appointments it makes me nervous that they could say, "OK we're checking you into the hospital and you are having this baby" probably more so the ultrasound than the non stress test but either way still makes me nervous. Next week is 34 weeks which seems like the magic number for the doctors so after next week he should be pretty ready for the real world if he was to come early.

BUT the question becomes... are we ready for him in the real world?! When we thought there were almost 2 months left we knew we had enough time to get everything done... but with him looming maybe several weeks early the pressure is on! On top of all that I am also on restricted activity to try to keep him baking as long as possible. So this weekend I hope to get some baby laundry done. Get a few bottles, maybe at least one thing of formula and a pack of diapers. So that we can get thru at least the first week. This weekend I've got to finish sewing the mattress for his cradle and get some sheets for it. I'm also going to pack my hospital bag so just in case we need it sooner than later. Once I have all that done I think I will feel better.

On to fun stuff... this past weekend was my baby shower in Orlando! I had so much fun seeing my family and friends! Thank you to Becki and Emily for hosting it! Baby got all kinds of cool gifts. He now has 3 strollers- a jogging, a stroller for the carseat to sit in, and an umbrella stroller. He's got some adorable clothes, bottles warmers, coolers, pack n plays (one for the house and one for travel), a baby monitor, he can now ride in both cars (we got the extra base of the carseat), a mobile for his crib, pacifiers, a boppy, a grocery/high chair cover, burp cloths, blankets, and I got a bottle of wine to help calm me. It was great to get together with everyone, I wish I could've spent more time talking to everyone. He will be here soon enough to enjoy all the love our family and friends have for him! Now I just have to figure out where all this stuff is going in our house!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Getting restless

I'm getting restless... the house is not ready for baby... I know I have around 8 weeks left but, really that's not that far away. I guess all we REALLY NEED right now are some bottles, formula (since I can't breastfeed), diapers, and a stroller and he will be good for a while. We already have the carseat (mandatory to leave the hospital) and a cradle. But some how there are over 100 items on the registries. That's just crazy! Babies need sooo much stuff.
Sleep is a luxury these days. I can't remember the last night I slept all night. It's amazing how the body preps you for a baby.
So I know this is going to sound crazy- I'm running the Run for the Pines 5k next weekend in Orlando. I will probably jog 10+ minute miles and walk the water stations but it will be funny to watch this 33 week pregnant woman finish the 5k. Half marathon while 15 weeks pregnant and then a 5k almost 20 weeks later. Oh how I love to run!
Next week is my baby shower in Orlando, I'm really looking forward to seeing all my friends and family. Though it will be a long drive down and most likely solo.
Before I leave for Orlando though, we have an ultrasound on Tuesday, a tour of the hospital, and a doctor's appointment on Thursday. So we get another peek at him!!