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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Back to it...

YAY!! The week before I went back to work I got the okay from the doctor to return to running!! So the next day I laced up and went for my first run in four and a half months! I'll admit I did some walking, though it was more of a forced walk since I figured I probably shouldn't just go out and run 3 miles my first time out after a c-section. (3 miles is my minimum run... if I am going to get changed and sweaty for a run I'm not doing less). I finished at about a 10:05 pace. Not too bad for my first time back out there.
Then last week I went for my 3 mile run on Monday and finished at a 9:41 pace... I'm going in the right direction! On Wednesday I finished with a 9:15 pace! I'm also starting to feel better about it all. Breathing isn't so laborious and the legs don't feel so heavy.
So I began this week with my 3 mile loop at a 9:08 pace. I'm hoping to get in a longer run sometime this week. I'm also working a Mommy and Baby fitness DVD and the Wii Active. I've got some baby curves I need to work off!

Peachtree 10k is just around the corner, I'm sure I won't beat last year's time of 51:54 but I will have a fun time either way.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

No! Mommy No!!

So today my little man got his first round of vaccines. His 2 month appointment was today and I had been warned of the shots. But I was really excited to find out how much he weighed and grew, he looks sooo much bigger than 2 months ago when he was born.

He got weighed in first... 10lbs 14oz!! He's gained 5 pounds in 2 months!! I guess I'll keep feeding him!

Then they measured his length... 22 inches! He's grown 2.75 inches in 2 months!

His weight is now in the 25th percentile- up 20 points since birth!
His length has slowed down he's in the 10-15th percentile.

Then came the shots. I made Craig go with me for this appointment. I held Ben's hand while Craig held mine. :) Ben started out okay, but when shot #2 (out of 5) came he was no longer happy. He started screaming which of course made me cringe!

But like everyone says they scream for a minute or so then calm right down. He even gave me the biggest grin when I leaned in to kiss him. Like to say see mom I'm a strong big boy!

I then took him to school to finish out the day, he passed out on the way there (the car usually does that to him) and when I left he was still passed out in his crib. He was great and I survived!

Monday, May 24, 2010

2 months!

Since my last post we have moved to part time cloth diapering. I went back to work last week and he started school and they will cloth diaper but since I'm still getting used to it, we are going to use disposables there.

1st week in school...

I've started to get the hang of the Moby Wrap. I really like the hug hold, and so does he... he falls asleep almost everytime!

Ben is now 8 weeks old, when he comes home from school we switch back to cloth, doesn't he look sooo cute in his Rumparooz cloth diaper I won!!

Just before I went back to work, Blaire and I met up for lunch and some shopping at the mall. Davis and Ben are getting sooo big!

Just to show you how much Ben has grown... this is Ben at 2 days old, while he was still in the hospital.

Now he's 2 months old (we'll find out just how much he weighs tomorrow)

He also hit a milestone last night! He slept from 11:30pm - 5:45am!! I feel so much more rested.
Here he is this morning when I dropped him off at school...

Saturday, May 15, 2010

My first days in cloth

So before Ben was born we decided we would like to cloth diaper. It was for several reasons, I've always tried to be a good steward of the environment, like recycling, growing my own herbs, veggies, and fruits. But I also have to formula feed because of all the medication I'm on for Crohn's disease. So adding up the costs of everything it also made economical sense to cloth diaper. My sister-in-law, Katrina, cloth diapers and I began to learn about the modern cloth diaper while I was pregnant.

I decided I would like to use one size and waited for sales or free shipping at Kelly's Closet. I ordered a few bumGenius 3.0 to start my stash. A coworker also got me a few bumGenius 3.0 and a Bummis wetbag. Then I started to read about the Smartipants and liked the idea of the insert agitating out in the wash and the lower price. So I ordered 3 of those. While shopping at Target I ran into a GREAT deal on 2 Fuzzi Bunz size small diapers (they had been an internet return) and had to get them. Then for Christmas I got 2 Rumparooz from my sister-in-law. As the day approached that our little man was to arrive I bought some of my sister-in-laws bumGenius 3.0 diapers that she was no longer using. So I had a pretty good stash put together ready for him to arrive.

He arrived 3 weeks early on March 25th.

Since I bought mostly one size diapers, my little 5 pound 14 ounce guy was swallowed in the cloth so I decided once he reached the size 1 diapers in Pampers the cloth should fit him then.

The end of April, he finally graduated to the size 1 diapers and I tried one of the bumGenius diapers on him and it fit to my surprise.

So I ordered the Rockin Green detergent and waited for it to arrive so I could prep his diapers.

While I waited, I attended the #DiaperShops twitter party to celebrate 9 years. To my surprise I won 2 Rumparooz diapers!! So exciting!

Once the soap arrived I began prepping the diapers and inserts, I was excited to start cloth diapering. On Tuesday May 11th I had all my diapers prepped and ready to begin. Once he woke up for the day I changed him into cloth.

It went well, we had one leakage but I think it was user error on my part (I didn't put it on tight enough). I've also learned my newborn is a heavy wetter so I'm skipping past the newborn insert and using the regular one. My husband even automatically put on the cloth when changing him. On Wednesday I had a lunch date with one of my friends who just had a baby (Davis is exactly 1 week older than Ben). So it was going to be my first day out of the house with cloth, I packed 2 diapers and a Bummis wet bag. I changed him while we were out and had no problems. Actually got a chance to explain the cloth diapers to my friend. So far in my first week of cloth it has gone well, I have 23 diapers in my rotation and laundry isn't too bad. I have requested my husband install a diaper sprayer for the poopy ones (I know they say newborn poo can just be washed but it still just feels funny to me). The dunk and swish is just not my thing.

I'm looking forward to continuing my adventure in cloth diapering.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

7 weeks...

WOW... I feel lazy (though I know I'm not), I've just been very busy with Ben that's why I haven't updated this blog in so long.

He is 7 weeks old. CRAZINESS! He is doing very well.
In the past 7 weeks, we have gone on lots of walks...

He met Davis, who is only 1 weeks older but many pounds heavier.

He was baptized...

He started wearing cloth diapers...

His daddy is ALMOST done with his crib. Just some staining needs to be done.