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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Friday, July 30, 2010

Weekend tidbits volume 2

My weekend tidbits are delayed this week because well it's been a crazy busy week at work and I haven't had time to update.

My mom came to Atlanta to spend time with us and my aunt and cousins.

If you really want to see how much Ben has grown since he was born, check this out...
It's hard to imagine him being so tiny, since he gained weight so quickly.

Here they are again after dinner at Mimi's

Sunday my little man turned 4 months old and once again he has grown so much.
He now weighs 14 pounds 10 ounces (almost 9 pounds over his birthweight!) He is 24.5" long.

On his 4 month birthday he mastered rolling over from his back to his tummy...
Doesn't he look so proud of himself for his big accomplishment!
He now rolls over both ways and is thoroughly enjoying doing it every chance he gets!
We talked to the doctor and we are going to wait on starting baby food until he is 6 months old. I was a little disappointed because I was looking forward to him trying foods but I think it will be better to wait especially since I have digestive issues (Crohn's) lets not push it too early.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Weekend tidbits- Volume 1

So I got the idea from Kate for weekend tidbits. Let's be honest, other than work and a few other things during the week most of the fun stuff happens on the weekend.

Ben has been trying really hard for several weeks to roll over and I really thought he was going to do it from his back to his stomach first. But he surprised us and we were able to catch it on video.

Other than that we didn't do a whole lot over the weekend, it was nice to have a break from work for a couple of days.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

How YOU doing?!

He says in his Joey voice...

It's been a while since I updated wanted to change the entry for now and I'll write a new one soon. Ben has had a lot going on, HE's TEETHING! I'm still trying to find something that will help sooth him.