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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

No! Mommy No!!

So today my little man got his first round of vaccines. His 2 month appointment was today and I had been warned of the shots. But I was really excited to find out how much he weighed and grew, he looks sooo much bigger than 2 months ago when he was born.

He got weighed in first... 10lbs 14oz!! He's gained 5 pounds in 2 months!! I guess I'll keep feeding him!

Then they measured his length... 22 inches! He's grown 2.75 inches in 2 months!

His weight is now in the 25th percentile- up 20 points since birth!
His length has slowed down he's in the 10-15th percentile.

Then came the shots. I made Craig go with me for this appointment. I held Ben's hand while Craig held mine. :) Ben started out okay, but when shot #2 (out of 5) came he was no longer happy. He started screaming which of course made me cringe!

But like everyone says they scream for a minute or so then calm right down. He even gave me the biggest grin when I leaned in to kiss him. Like to say see mom I'm a strong big boy!

I then took him to school to finish out the day, he passed out on the way there (the car usually does that to him) and when I left he was still passed out in his crib. He was great and I survived!

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