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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Back to it...

YAY!! The week before I went back to work I got the okay from the doctor to return to running!! So the next day I laced up and went for my first run in four and a half months! I'll admit I did some walking, though it was more of a forced walk since I figured I probably shouldn't just go out and run 3 miles my first time out after a c-section. (3 miles is my minimum run... if I am going to get changed and sweaty for a run I'm not doing less). I finished at about a 10:05 pace. Not too bad for my first time back out there.
Then last week I went for my 3 mile run on Monday and finished at a 9:41 pace... I'm going in the right direction! On Wednesday I finished with a 9:15 pace! I'm also starting to feel better about it all. Breathing isn't so laborious and the legs don't feel so heavy.
So I began this week with my 3 mile loop at a 9:08 pace. I'm hoping to get in a longer run sometime this week. I'm also working a Mommy and Baby fitness DVD and the Wii Active. I've got some baby curves I need to work off!

Peachtree 10k is just around the corner, I'm sure I won't beat last year's time of 51:54 but I will have a fun time either way.

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