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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ben's First Baseball Game

Last night we went to the Atlanta Braves game for Lutheran Night at the Braves! It was Ben's first Baseball game.

Here's Ben watching the game.

Ben and I at the game.

Our happy Braves family, Ben was flirting with the girls sitting in front of us.

2 homeruns (Chipper and McCann) wore this little man out. He missed the 3rd homerun of the game since it was in the 8th inning but the 2 back to back homeruns in the 3rd inning were plenty of excitement for him.

Ben did pretty well. He didn't have any meltdowns. It was still incredibly hot for a 7pm game. I'm glad that on Saturday we will be in the club level and will be able to get some AC during the game.

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