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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Oops I crapped my pants...

I don't watch a ton of Saturday Night Live but if Justin Timberlake or Jon Hamm are hosting or the best commercial episodes I can't miss it! (If you haven't seen either Justin or Jon hosting SNL you've miss some good stuff!)

One commerical is "Oops I crapped my pants"

That is what I have been feeling like with Ben lately.

On Tuesday Craig picked Ben up from school, this was the first time he's picked him up. Now that his school is closer to the house (less than 2 miles away) he is going to be a big help with dropping off or picking up Ben. So I walk in the door at home after work and I see my boys, Peanut Butter greets me with a wagging tail, Craig with a kiss and Ben beaming up at me with the cutest grin... but something is weird. Ben had on an outfit that I had never seen before. I asked Craig and he said they gave him a couple of bags of dirty clothes, apparently he had pooped on all the ones I had supplied them and they gave him a back-up outfit.

Don't get me wrong the outfit is cute but the one sock that was one his foot cracked me up (the other he had kicked off)

Doesn't he look pretty proud of himself?

So the next morning I drop him off and talk to them about putting the diapers on tighter and start to head out the door. As I pass the reception desk the phone rings and she says Ben's mom, I turn and say yes. Oh his teacher wants to see you again. I walk back into his room, he was on the changing table with a grin and I imagined him saying "Oops I crapped my pants". Apparently from the teething it is so runny the diapers aren't holding it. I sighed and said thanks and left for work. Luckily yesterday that was the only outfit he messed up.

BUT... this morning he woke up at 6:30 (pretty normal for him) I changed his diaper and got him dressed for school, then fed him. While I fed him he did it again, so by 7:30 he was already on his second outfit of the day. Hopefully he will cut his tooth or teeth soon and we can get back to normal. He is going thru a lot of clothes right now.

Teething Ben- 5, his clothes-0


  1. Wow ... can't wait for that ... :)

  2. Ha! Poor Melissa! I didn't know that was another side effect of teething! Good grief!