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Monday, June 21, 2010

Pool time!!

Growing up in Florida, summer time meant pool time! So naturally I want Ben to be accustomed to the pool and water. So I ordered a cloth swim diaper for him. It got delayed in shipping and I happen to go to a consignment shop $5 bag sale and found a cloth swim diaper to add to my bag! Not to mention for $10 I got about 15 outfits for him to grow into! Anyhow back to pool time...

I found the most adorable baby pool at Target. It's shaped like a crab, it has some shade, isn't too big, and when he gets bigger it can also be hooked up to the hose and spray water! Pretty cool for $14! So we got it home and I set it up on the deck, changed Ben into his swim diaper and it was time for some pool time!

Mom, I'm not too sure about this... this water is kinda cold.
It's too bright so I'm going to rock my shades in the pool like the big kids.

This pool thing isn't too bad, but I think the shades are a little too big for me. Don't I look cool though?!
We'll keep playing in the pool, when he can sit up on his own I think he will really enjoy it. He didn't once scream at me for making him sit in the water so I think we are of to a great start!
On another note, doesn't he have a cute Buddha belly?! Who would've thought that less than 3 months ago he weighed only 5 pounds 14 ounces?

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  1. I'm sorry I'm late -- but this is too cute! And we have that pool too! Of course, it's the one that intimidated me and I haven't actually used it yet, but now that I see how cute it is, I may suck it up and blow it up. Ben is just adorable!!