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Friday, June 4, 2010

Operation Finish the Crib!

I told Craig this morning that this weekend is dedicated to "Operation Finish the Crib", to which he replied, why does there need to be an "Operation". Which I answered with "Because what we've been doing isn't working and it needs to get DONE!"

I know we are both working and little man arrived early and the crib was not as far along as we had hoped it would be before he got here. The backup plan of having the cradle his dad built and Craig slept in as a baby has worked nicely but I'm ready to have my room back so I don't hear every movement Ben makes...

On May 2nd the crib was complete, well at least the pieces were done and I sanded them all that week while Craig was in Puerto Rico...

Then it sat in the nursery unstained for weeks...

Then finally we picked out a stain and got super excited about finishing it and got the base and the front and back done and then stalled out with the sides. The sides have been sitting in the nursery with one coat of stain all week. We had every intention of doing the second coat of stain on Tuesday and then poly 1 on Wednesday and poly 2 on Thursday and then reassemble crib, add mattress support, air out baby's room and put it back together. Then Ben would start sleeping in there on Saturday or Sunday... WELL, not so much. The soonest he will be in there is Monday. And since everything that was in that room is all over my house I am not having our friends over like I had hoped.

So wish me luck with "Operation Finish the Crib" and hopefully on Monday night Ben will be sleeping in his own room!!

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