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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Not doing too well in the jewelry department...

Last week I realized the center stone on my engagement ring had rotated on the band and two of the prongs weren't holding the diamond in well. So I took it off and resolved we would take it to Bailey Banks and Biddle where we bought it. Well we dropped it off and the quote seemed high and we realized they are going out of business and we didn't feel comfortable getting it fixed if there isn't a guarantee on the work. So right now it is sitting in my jewelry box until we can figure out where we are taking it to get it fixed. I'm just wearing my wedding band, which after wearing the other ring for 5 years just feels weird.

So tonight we went for a run (which at some point my headband came off and I had to retrace my steps to find) and then went to Panera for dinner. We got back and I took a shower. After I got dressed I realized I was missing one of my diamond stud earrings (the ones Craig gave me on our wedding day). We scoured the house, clothes, car, my purse... We found the back of the earring in my purse. But no earring. Who knows at what point today the back came off and fell into my purse and I lost the earring. Needless to say I'm pretty upset. I can't believe I lost the earring, I've worn those almost everyday for the past 4+ years.

Saturday we played golf at a course near Stone Mountain, it was cheap and the greens were in horrendous shape but I got some good driving and pitching practice in. We pulled up to the 12th hole and there were 2 coyotes just chilling on the tee box. Their den must've been close by because I thought coyotes were more of a night animal. We've heard neighbors talk about them in our neighborhood but had never seem them. It was weird to see 2 just hanging out at 2p in the afternoon.

We are really excited for the Orlando Magic, they are playing really well. It looks like we may be heading down to Orlando for a Finals game, if they win one more game against the Cavaliers. GO MAGIC!!

I almost forgot... I don't know how... Friday afternoon we became the proud owners of a soft serve machine. No worries I can make sorbet. We made vanilla ice cream on Saturday and raspberry sorbet on Monday. Turned out very well and was ready in less than 20 minutes with more than enough for us to eat for days. Though the sorbet takes some prior planning. Craig is in heaven.

We've been struggling to find a church that we are comfortable with in Atlanta. I miss the days of Trinity Lutheran in downtown Orlando. This Sunday we are going to try driving out to a church that's about 30 miles from the house in Cumming, GA, the pastor is the same pastor that baptized me in Jacksonville. I love Pastor Tim but I know it will be a drive. Then, I think next week we are going to visit a church with our neighbor that is moving to Germany that is an hour away and a Lutheran Church- Wisconsin Synod.

I'm glad this is a short week and looking forward to the weekend. I hope you have a great week!

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