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Monday, May 11, 2009

Dinner at Craft

One of the best meals at a restaurant of my life! Tom Colicchio can say all he wants about other Chef's food. The restaurant was decorated in modern/arts and crafts style, a lot of wood, there was a bench seat along the wall with windows that each table had throw pillows to separate between tables. Even the light bulbs were art.
We sat down and someone came by and took our drink order. We just got water to begin with. Then a different waiter came by and offered champaign to toast our anniversary. Very thoughtful. Another waiter came by to go over the menu and offer some suggestions on how to order.
For our first courses we ordered Yellowfin tuna & Avocado and Rock shrimp and Pancetta Risotto. While we were waiting for our first course they brought us an amuse bouche- a tiny cup of squash soup with croutons in it. Delish!!
For our main courses we ordered Heritage Pork Loin & Bacon Marmalade and Beef Short Rib & Root Vegetables with side dishes: asparagus and black eyed peas. The portions were very good sizes I wanted to keep eating but knew I wanted to save room for dessert.
For dessert I had chocolate cake with honey tengerine sorbet and Craig had roasted bananas and ice cream.
Throughout our meal at least 4 different wait staff stopped by our table to clean it off, top off our drinks, deliver food, or take our order. The manager stopped by to check on us and wished us a happy anniversary and was very pleasant. Did not just ask how everything was and jet, he stayed a few moments to get feedback and give us his card to come back again. It's amazing what good customer service can add to a meal. The food was fantastic and I couldn't have asked for a better anniversary dinner.

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