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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Writer's Workshop

I'm doing it again, Kate has found a website that gives you writing prompts for your blog. So I'm going to try that too. I actually don't enjoy writing, never have. But it's starting to grow on me lately and maybe some Writer's Workshops would help me out too.

One of this week prompts is: Show us something you’ve created for Halloween, anything qualifies…costumes, recipes, crafts, party invites, treats, decorations etc..

Unlike my husband I like Halloween (the fact that it is Reformation Day is more exciting to him). It was always a big deal, carving pumpkins, costumes, and trick or treating when I was growing up. So when I found out I was pregnant I knew exactly what I was going to be for Halloween at our office Costume Contest.

Halloween 2009
 Yep, A Bun in the Oven!! Since I was barely showing at the time I found a picture online for a good cinnamon bun to tape to my belly. I wrapped a box in silver wrapping paper, the stove top had burners, the door worked, and the timer said 23 weeks left. Pretty good I thought, but some how I didn't win...

Here was my competition

Bacon and Eggs won...

My little munchkin will be a gator for his first Halloween - I know, it's SHOCKING!! I am crafty (or at least I can be but let's face it I'm still working on the gator quilt I've gotten 80% of the way complete 3 months ago) but I bought his first costume anyways. I'm making next year's costume... I promise!

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  1. How cute...I would have voted for you! I'm buying my son's first costume this year, but I am vowing to make it next year!

  2. You were robbed! You should have won!