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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Teeth, Pictures, and Crawling

It's been a big week for Benjamin. He had his first picture day, cut 2 teeth and is starting to catch on to crawling. He is growing up too fast!

Someone has been teething HARD this week...

He looks like he's up to something

Yes, definitely up to something.

Showing off his picture day outfit and trying to show you his tooth. But I have found right now it is next to impossible to get him to smile where you can see the now 2 teeth.

I'm a big boy!


The truck is one of his favorites.

Hey Mom I'm just trying to get around.

See I made my way back to the mat. Trying to crawl, up on my elbows and knees I'm starting to understand.

There's my book.

Wait, you moved it... I'll get that book.

See you can't stop me.
Aren't you proud?!

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