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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Weekend Tidbits: Volume 8

WOW that was a LOOOONG weekend.

It started on Thursday afternoon, we drove up to Nashville.

Craig flew to Omaha, Nebraska with our friends Jason and Butters. It was the annual gathering of the boys this time without significant others for their fantasy football draft. 

Ben and I hung out in Nashville with Katherine.
Thursday night he slept through the night.

Friday we went to Bowling Green to visit with one of Katherine's friends Ashlee who has a little boy named Davis who is 3 weeks older than Ben.
Ben's shirt says... "Hold on Gators... I'm Coming!" SOOO CUTE!

Then we went to visit Jason's grandparents that live in Bowling Green. Kat and I decided they were Ben's Great Grand Godparents.

Saturday we stayed at the house and watched the Gator game

He ate some more cereal.

Sunday we went for a hike.

AND I mean HIKE. Katherine said it would be about 3 miles or so and I put on my sneakers and since it was a little cool I put some jeans on and we headed out. After about an hour of climbing hills and pushing the stroller I realized this wasn't only 3 miles. We hiked for about 2 hours and after we got home I looked up the trail and it was 5.8 miles.
 During the hike we saw an owl and a deer.

Afterwards we went to McDougals for chicken fingers. I had definitely earned the McDougals. They are the BEST chicken fingers. It is a must have when in Nashville!

That night Laura came over to meet Ben. She had fun playing with him...

Then she fed him his bottle while we watched Jane Eyre

Down the street from their house was this street sign.

Monday we drove home.

Ben slept 90% of the way home. Now to get back into a routine!

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  1. Wow! That was a busy weekend! Awesome job, Mom!