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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Ben goes to the doctor

Ben's been having issues since last week (runny nose, cough, diarrhea, not sleeping) and since we are going to Nashville this weekend we wanted to make sure everything was okay before we headed off to another city. So I made an appointment for Ben and since it is so crazy busy at work Craig had to take him to the doctor.

This was the first time he was there for something other than a check-up. After they got there Craig text me that picture, Ben was really enjoying himself. The bonus of this doctor visit was finding out how much he weighs, 16 pounds 4 ounces! WOW!! For those keeping track, he has gained 10 pounds 6 ounces!! The doctor also said he will be a blue eyed boy, if his eyes were going to change they would've done it by now.

Ben is doing fine, the doctor said he probably just had a little cold, his lungs, ears and eyes looked good. The doctor said just keep an eye on him but he's fine. Call us paranoid parents!

While Craig was there he asked about solids again, the doctor didn't seem very happy with us that we had started cereal. But I called his office (twice) and talked to the nurse and she said it might help and to go ahead and try. He says all cereal is is a filler and has no nutritional value and most likely will cause constipation. Well considering his issues the past week maybe a little help in that department wouldn't hurt. He said to wait until 6 months to start introducing all other foods. So... we will wait for real baby food and keep feeding him one meal of cereal until he reaches 6 months, he will have the rest of his life to eat all the yummy stuff we do, what's one more month?!

So my question to all my newer mom friends is what did your doctor say about solids? I think it is the craziest thing how many differing opinions on things with babies are even in the medical community.


  1. Glad that Ben is fine. (We're paranoid parents too!)
    Our boy started solids at 6.5 months old. Feel free to read my notes at

  2. Our doctor told us to go ahead and start Tom on rice cereal at 4 months and baby food at 5 months. I will say that I did feel that Tom was ready for it then -- he'd been really studying our eating and often acted like he wanted it. But, I read that there is no need to start them early -- that 6 months is perfectly normal! I know my sister (whose daughter is only 7 mo older than Tom) didn't start her on rice cereal until 6 months and baby food at 7 months, per her doctor! It is all VERY different. I just went with my doctor, since I agreed with her! Bottom line, you can't go wrong with waiting. :)