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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Hello Baby Boy!!

Since I'm considered high risk (because of Crohn's), I get more ultrasounds. I call them peeks at our little man. On Tuesday we got another peek at him. He was head down and has been everytime we've gotten to see him. Hopefully he will stay that way or at least be that way come delivery day.

Everything looks great, he weighs 2.1 pounds and looks to be very healthy. The doctor was happy with his progress. We go back in 4 weeks to make sure he's continuing to gain weight like he should. The worry with Crohn's is that I may be gaining weight and eating enough calories but is that nutrition making it to the baby. Added bonus at this visit was we were able to get a 3D image of his face.
Craig and I both think he kinda looks like Craig and my brother. It's amazing how much can be seen in an ultrasound now. We are in the last 3 months now, I am really starting to feel my belly getting bigger. I am still jogging, though I need to go get a support belt for it. During the runs I am fine but as soon as I stop I can feel the pressure in my back and under my belly. I am looking forward to running a 5k Feb 20th in Orlando with several of my friends.

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  1. OH look at him. Congrats mama
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