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Lilypie Second Birthday tickers

Friday, March 15, 2013

Benjamin is Turning 3 Invitation!

In October I took Ben to PDK airport and they have an awesome playground where kids can watch the planes taking off and landing. I immediately knew what Ben's next birthday would be. I emailed the airport about how to reserve the pavilion, it is free and first come and you post your date and time on their bulletin board. I started pinning almost immediately.
At first I thought I'd go the paper airplane route but decided against it when I found some foam airplanes I liked on Oriental Trading. My next thought was to print labels and adhere them to the airplanes. But thinking about Ben I realized the parent wouldn't be able to find the plane when they needed it. So I decided to personalize the planes and then print the invite on a separate piece of paper. I went to Hobby Lobby and got little airplane foam stickers. They came in packs of other modes of transportation but they are cute. Paper, I found sky and cloud stationary from Wal-Mart and printed 3 invites on one piece of paper and used an exacto knife to cute them in equal parts.
Here they are:
To try to spruce it up I put Departure Date, Destination, and Flight Confirmation I put my cell and email.
The party is next weekend and I'm super excited, more to come of other projects I've put together to continue the theme!

UPDATE: The weather has turned yucky for party weekend and I have to move the party to our house (which was actually Plan C, Plan B was our pool clubhouse- which I found out is not available to be rented in the off-season and a decision made by the board but not communicated well to the rest of us- anyhow that is a rant for another day)
Since we had to move it and it is only a few days before the party I put together this and handed them out and emailed or text it to everyone that has RSVP'd.
It is super cute and stayed on theme. Even though the party is no longer at the airport, it will still be a fun airplane themed party. 
As with my Cars theme invite, if you would like the word document with all this on it to print for your own, let me know in the comments and I will pass it along.

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