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Sunday, March 28, 2010

Benjamin Craig Neubauer

I made it to 37 weeks 1 day!

On Tuesday March 23rd we went to our weekly ultrasound and fluids dropped significantly and the doctor decided it was time for me to be induced. He called my OB and I was told the hospital would call that afternoon to schedule my induction.Not knowing I wouldn't be back to work I had brought lunch and a few things so I left the appointment, went back to work to inform them and gather my things.
I got home and Craig got the carseat installed, he has an appointment next week for inspection. Since our little man was coming 3 weeks early, we had a few things to get done around the house. The hospital called around 5 to say check in at 8pm. So we went to dinner at Outback (Longhorn would've been better but it was too far away). I got steak and then we walked around the mall to kill some time until we had to check in.
8pm rolled around and I checked in and got settled into the Labor and Delivery room. They started the cervicil at 9:40. At 11:40 I was able to get up, walk around, eat some food (McDonald's from the hospital). Then I was back in bed at midnight. I barely slept all night, I had several hours of contractions starting at 2:30am. They started the pitocin at 5am. I held out on the epidural until noon. I was having some bad back labor and big contractions that I finally gave in.
My doctor stopped by several times, I was making little progress. Night rolled around, at around midnight 1am for some reason the epidural stopped working and the pain got unbearable in my back. They installed the new epidural. That worked until about 5 am and it to began wearing off so the anesthesiologist started pushing stronger meds thru the epidural, it would work for a couple of hours then wear off. I must say thru all of this my nurses were the sweetest. 7am rolled around and shift change happened and our nurse Brittnay was very disappointed he didn't show up during her shift (I was too, it had been 33 hours so far). When she left I was 6cm.

The new shift came in and at 8:30 baby was getting stressed, they checked me and I was 8-9cm so they called my OB she came and checked and said let's give it another hour, see if he progresses and go from there. At 9:30 a flood of nurses came in, baby wasn't doing well. Mind you the manual epidural was wearing off, I was in a lot of pain. Dr Sun (my OB) came running over and checked me and my cervix was swelling and baby needed to come out. So they booked an OR and I was having a C section.
By 10:02 on March 25 Benjamin Craig Neubauer was born. He was healthy. They brought him to us so I could hold him, I started to feel pain and I was knocked out and Craig went with the baby to the nursery.

I woke up in recovery, Craig came by to tell me Ben is good but they are monitoring his lungs. Ben weighed 5lbs 14oz and was 19.5 inches long.

Craig called our family and went back to baby. He came back just as I was ready to go to our room. He walked with me back to the room then went back to check on Ben. His blood sugar had dropped so they fed him formula and were monitoring him for a couple of hours.

Ben was released from the special nursery around 1pm. And Craig brought him to our room so I could hold him and I fed him part of a bottle. Then they took him to the nursery for a check up. Craig decided to run home for a shower and pick up a few things. I got a quick nap. Benjamin is beautiful and so far very mild tempered.

I'm looking forward to everything ahead. I forgive him for the 36 hours of labor.

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  1. Congratulations to you on delivering Benjamin smoothly! Have a great recovery and enjoy motherhood. :)