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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas Happy New Year

I know! I know! I know! What's up with the post from 2 months ago?!

A lot has been going on. Work has been extremely busy, which is a good thing!

Since my last post we have found out we are having a boy! We are very excited, a name has been picked and we will reveal it when he arrives! It's a name I picked out before we got married, one I told Craig's mom about (before she passed), it jumped out at me while I was studying the bible before I got baptized.
The little guy is a mover (surprised I know), I feel him ALL day! To see pictures and journal entries of the baby's progress visit:

We are officially registered at Babies R Us, Target, and (cloth diapers). It was a daunting task but I am glad it is over with. Now we can begin shopping off the list and check them off as we go. I am such a list person so this will help keep me on track. I got a lot of input from friends and family, which was really helpful.

I am so excited- we recieved a gift from one of my co-workers yesterday- 2 bumGenius! cloth diapers! I've also ordered 3 bumGenius! and got a free Econobum, they should be here any day now! So we are officially on our way to cloth diapering! We will still have to use disposables at daycare but it will be nice to not have to buy so many diapers all the time and save on the amount a waste leaving our house.

On the note of daycare, we found one! The little man will be at an Open Arms Lutheran program about 1-2 miles from where I work. I was really happy with it and I think he will be too.

For the holidays we are sticking to Atlanta for Christmas and Craig went and picked up our meat for dinner Christmas day- Filet Mignon! Since it's just the two of us we splurged this year! YUM! I can't wait!

I had to take a break from running for a little bit but I hope to get a mile or so in this weekend. I have missed it! I've gotta get back into it though if I'm going to run the 5k in Orlando, February 20th with a few of my friends when I go down there for my baby shower.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone!